Programs are available for individuals or pairs, and focus on regular workouts, nutritional guidance and one to one support. 

Transform your life and commit to your personal health and fitness with one of my training program, designed for individuals or pairs the every program includes the following…

Face to face or online session

We’ll discuss your goals and work together to find a schedule that fits in with your lifestyle and works towards what you want to achieve.

Your training sessions will be tailored to your goals and will be fun and varied.  If we are working face to face we will take measurements, before and after pictures, and undertake fitness and strength testing so that we can clearly measure the progress you are making.  If we are working online we will still monitor progress through photographs and measurements.

Nutritional Guidance

Nutritional guidance will be provided to you and together we will work though it to create a plan that’s not just realistic and manageable, but also sustainable long term for you.


Training and working towards a healthier lifestyle doesn’t stop outside of the gym.  I will work with you to create exercise homework programs that fit in with your busy lifestyle and commitments.  Whether you have access to a gym or not we can work together to build an effective exercise homework program to compliment the sessions we do together to help you achieve your goals.


For some, it’s not easy at first to enter a world of positive physical transformation. It can be a challenge, and people can slip. But don’t worry – if you’re feeling like you need some support outside of our usual hours I’ll be there to provide you with advice, support, motivation, and if needed, a kick up the backside!


Face to face

For Individuals – £185 per month (4 x 1 hour sessions)

For Pairs – £278 per month (4 x 1 hour sessions)


For individuals £185 per month (8 x 45 min sessions)

For Pairs – £278 (8 x 45 mins sessions)

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