Sarah Weston

Personal Trainer in Leigh on Sea

I can help you to get leaner, fitter and stronger with effective training packages, body transformation bootcamps, nutrition programmes and more.

Training Packages

12 week courses for individuals or couples, focusing on regular workouts, nutritional plans and text and email support.

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Pre & Post Natal

Many women are understandably cautious about exercising when they are pregnant or just after they have had a baby. However you can exercise safely and effectively when guided by a qualified coach.

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Sports Massage

Have aches and pains? Sports massage is a great way to keep your body injury and pain free.

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Free Giveaway!

Download my 5 Tips for Weight Loss guide – absolutely free. Just complete the quick form here and you’ll receive access to this special giveaway.

I hope it helps you to get on your way to becoming a leaner, fitter and stronger you!

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